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OurNows is a place for reflecting on our Nows.
In OurNows, you can maintain a list of what you are up to. Then OurNows
+ Keeps track of how your life evolves, so you can reflect and optimize
+ Keeps you accountable and persistent
+ Facilitates advice and assistance from peers and those who’ve been there, done that.
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Know Thyself
OurNows is for thinking and growth.
Articulating your way of life is a great way to
+ Refine them through reflection and learning from others
+ Keep track of how they evolve
+ Allow others to peek at what you are up to at this stage of your life
+ Inspire others
Let's get started.
Keeping Priorities in Perspective
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What is OurNows?
"Know Thyself" was inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
It has been attributed to Thales, Socrates, and others; but Apollo is more photogenic.